Helping Brands to create timeless and meaningful visuals…

Born in the East-German town of Dresden where I also grew up surrounded by lots of culture and history besides witnessing pre- and post-German Reunification period which influenced my early work, mindset and collaborations with musicians and other artists. My first years in the industry I spent assisting various specialists at commercial studios, working with architecture & interior and fashion photographers based in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin besides starting out as editorial, event and commercial photographer.

Time travels fast and my assignments brought me half around the globe, mainly Europe and the Middle East. Since 2002 I live in Dubai, set up a production company called TCB-Studio for Stills and Motion and regularly travel for projects. My goal is to show diversity in humanity along with people emotions and of course the beauty of urban landscape and our natural environment. I focus on high profile Corporate Shoots, Events, Art & Design Industry beyond doing personal Creative and Fine Arts projects. I’m a photographer with a clear vision and flexible nature alike, pumped with tons of ideas and always ready to challenge existing boundaries!

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