Drone Aerials

Drone Aerials

The good old days filled with adrenaline hanging out of an open helicopter door and shooting are pretty much replaced by drones. Also called UAVs are serious kit and revolutionized blazing fast and can be used for a multitude of applications with precise controls and programming features. The operator can capture perspectives no one else can that compliments the work on the ground with high impact content. My take on this is to understand your product first and then customize my approach in the way how and when am going to take these aerials to elevate the proposition and desire of your asset.

What You need to know!
Commercial licensed pilots like myself have to comply to a number of laws and conditions. Below list is an overview of all mandatory points in the UAE which need to be fulfilled prior conducting a drone flight. Hobbyist licensed pilots are not permitted to fly on behalf of events or for companies if the footage is used publicly for commercial gain.


pilot Checklist

  • commercial license
  • registered drone with authorities
  • drone operation insurance
  • experience


Approvals Checklist

  • NOC from landlord / owner
  • assignment letter to appointed pilot / company
  • DFTC, MOD, DCAA Permits & Skytracker (Dubai only)
  • ADFC, MOD, GCAA Permits (outside Dubai)


Shoot Checklist

  • all documents, permits, NOC, insurance, license are available as hard copies
  • weather conditions are within operational limits
  • Ministry of Defense staff is onsite prior starting drone flight
  • Drone Skytracker is installed and used for every flight (Dubai only)
  • obey local drone operational rules



According to the UAE General Civil Aviation authority (GCAA), flying a drone or an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is still legal in the emirates but failure in compliance to the new flying laws might result in a fine of (AED 50,000) plus possibility of imprisonment in case of severe infraction.

Media, Marketing & Events
Absolute must have content for large scale outdoor events, …



  • Events
  • News & Broadcast
  • Media & Advertising
  • Outdoor Exhibitions & Shows
Commercial Real Estate
Lease or Sell your real estate faster and attract a wider audience of clients by showcasing your property from the sky. Create aerial panoramas, images and videos to illustrate proximity to nearby facilities and infrastructure.



  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Retail & Mixed-Use
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • Property Development
  • Marinas & Stadiums
  • Parks & Recreation
Use cutting edge technologies for aerial property inspection You need to process a claim.



  • Residential & Commercial Claims
  • Commercial Underwriting
  • Natural Disaster-related claims
Tourism Development
In short form: all it takes to prepare and shoot these travel decision making destination hero images.



  • Tourism Development & Investment Boards
  • Wildlife Foundations
  • Ministries of Culture and Heritage
  • Blockbuster Movie Production Recce
Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Industrial
Track, map, survey, and manage your worksite projects. Capture high quality aerial photography & videos of what matters most to your business.



  • Visual Progress & Construction Updates
  • completed project / handover documentary
  • Transportation & Infrastructure
  • indoor warehouses
Residential Real Estate
Impress home buyers with unique perspectives of the property and neighborhood.



  • Estates
  • Waterfront Properties
  • Residential Neighborhoods
  • large scale Property Developments & Communities
Property Management
Receive information quickly of overall status of your assets.



  • Roof Top, Equipment and other kinds of inspections
  • Marketing
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